Using UGC to maximize connection (for Hotel Marketers

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With various hotel marketers trying to sustain their customer/clients the focus is on ways they can remain relevant because of the competition in the hotel industry and the various option their audience have to choose from.

The goal of every hotel marketer is to connect its unique services that is of value to their audience. In establishing this goal, hotel marketers should note that they are not only the one in line to provide this unique service to their client/target audience.

How do you distinguish your brand from hotel marketer?

The simple answer to it is UGC. User generated content or like it is now called Undeniable Glorious Connection can be used not only to share content but also to give an impression about your brand. Some hotel marketer do not understand the importance of UGC as a relationship building mechanism. UGC allows hotel marketers to have authenticity to their brand which is what travellers/ hotel guests want.

Gone are the days when consumers only believe what is written on your package or website; they rely on reviews, feedback, experience, word of mouth to take decision of choosing the hotel services. UGC can help hotel marketer to turn customers into brand ambassadors.

Creating brand ambassador is built on trust, loyalty and commitment. These three are based on how well hotel marketers connect with their audience and build relationship with them. Staying connected to consumers’ means remembering how they like to be served, listening, responding quickly and offering an upgrade.


How can hotel marketers take their service to the next level?

  1. Create a detailed marketing idea that involves infographics. As it is usually said, pictures speak louder than words. Don’t bore them with claims of what you can do or offer, show it to them in a way that will get their attention
  2. Use the Ws
  • Who are your guests/target audience
  • Why us? (differentiate your brand)
  • What do you offer (Quality of your service)
  • What does the competition do better

3.  Measure your strategies (what are the various touch points you will use connect with             your audience).

4.  Ask for reviews

  • Get feedback from customers/client
  • Ask them to share experience on a content you have written

For hotel marketers to be successful in the hotel marketing industry, understanding the C.R.A (Connection, Relationships, Ambassador) concept is imperative and will be of great value.


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