I was excited about the visit to the Fort York National historical site because i enjoy listening to historical stories, i didn’t get much of that from this visit but i still heard some stories about the site . Fork York Historical site is a military fortifications and related buildings on the west side of downtown Toronto.

Recreational side for families at the Garrison Common. Photo Credit: Abisola Orenuga.

As usual the purpose of the tour was to access its feasibility of been an event and how it will impact the attendees of the event. Our tour guide for the day was Mr Robert. We started with an overview of the interior space of the site, with the recent changes and development to the place, Fort York has been able to hold events like art show because they can accommodate the room temperature that the artworks needs. The next place we saw was the Garrison Common, this area is a wide field that has the capacity to accommodate  any type of event that you might want to organize. One section of the field is more like a family park, we saw some people with their dogs relaxing on the field. Our next stop was the Fort itself. The Fort was designed to serve as a defense space back in the old days. The Fort has a uniqueness to it because of the way it was designed. It is like walking into an open museum, the space can also be used to hold concert, parties any other event that will be befitting to the space. Events that are held in the Fort are limited in order for the place not to lose its value to the general public.

Students listening to Mr Robert has he explains the type of event that can be held in the Fort area. Photo Credit: Abisola Orenuga.

We further went to the blue barrack which was the former dorm for the soldiers, the rooms were divided into sections before but it has now be converted to a hall where you can hold events like; weddings, conferences, executive meetings.

The overall tour experience of the site was good as I got to see some cool stuffs that I will not have seen if I didn’t come over to the historical site, the open field is a amazing space to hold events especially for event organizers looking for unique space to hold their event.

If you are looking to organize your concert, wedding, conference, festival you might want to take a look at the Fort York National Historical site because it is one of those places that leaves your audience or guest with a memorable experience.

Blue sky at Fort York. Photo Credit: Abisola Orenuga.
Garrison Common. Photo Credit: Abisola Orenuga
An overview of the Fort. Photo Credit: Abisola Orenuga.
Me inside the museum. Photo Credit: Abisola Orenuga
Sitting area which can also serve as a rain area during events. Photo Credit: Abisola Orenuga.
Inside the Blue Barack. Photo Credit: Abisola Orenuga
Artifacts at the Blue Barack. Photo Credit: Abisola Orenuga.
Picture of what the Fort use to look like in the old days. Photo Credit: Abisola Orenuga.

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