Set Sail Event Marketing Week

Hmmm….thinking of how to start writing this blog, well I guess I will go with what comes to my head first.

It was FUN. I didn’t begin the set sail week from day one, I joined in in the third day. I will recount my event of how I got to know about the set sail week first before going into details of what we did.

It was a bright Thursday morning I was ready for class, I went up to the room where the class was suppose to hold. It was 7:45 am as at the time I got to the class, I was surprised to be the only one there as at that time. 8:00 am no professor no student other than me. I waited till 8:10am before I left the class. I later found out from a friend in the same program that we didn’t have classes that week, we were doing something called set sail week. At first I thought we were going on a cruise until he explained what it was to me. You can imagine my disappointment that it was not a boat cruise.

Okay let’s get to what happened during the set sail week from my perspective even though I missed out on the first two events. On Thursday we went to Luminato Festivals office to talk to some of the top marketing executive of the company to give us insight into the event marketing world. Luminato festival is an international multicultural festivals that take place in Toronto. It brings in artist from around the world to perform in Toronto. Some of the focus of Luminato festival are:

  • Accessibility
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration
  • Transformation

The top marketing executive of Luminato festival talked about how important it is to check which brand an event is associated to give us an insight to what the brand hopes to gain from the event.

On our way back to the campus I kept thinking of the events I have been to and trying to find out which company was behind them and who they partnered with.

On Friday we were to present to faculty members on what it takes to be successful in the event marketing field, we had already been put into groups the previous day. My group was the first to present we used the animated character minion has Bob who is the CEO of Xperience event. We talked about the characteristics that an event marketer should have, mantras that Bob uses to succeed, tips that Bob will advise us to take note of when planning an event, we also gave examples on some events that Bob worked on that didn’t go well and ways he overcame them.

All the group came up with excellent ideas on how to be successful in the event marketing field. When all the presentation were done, we were to vote for the team’s presentation that we liked. My team won the most informed presentation and people’s choice award. We were given Seneca marketing t-shirt and other swags. Everyone in class got a candy too! We concluded the set sail week on that note.

The set sail week gave me an idea into what we will be doing during the semester, it was nice to finally be doing a program where I can learn and have fun at the same time.

I had fun during the set sail week even if it was for 2 days. I learnt a lot from the events we did, it made me realize that there is so much opportunities in the event marketing field. One thing I learnt from the events that we did is that teamwork is really important in event marketing because you will be working with different kind of personality and it is important to learn how to adapt to this personality to make the event a success.

I hope you enjoyed it, till we meet in the next post, it’s adios for now.

EVM weekCross section of students at Luminato Festival Photo Credit: Nancy BodiEVM week2 Student appreciating the speaker. Photo Credit: Nancy BodiEVM week3 Cross section of students at Trojan One. Photo Credit: Nancy Bodi


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